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Energy for the Future

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​Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Our Awesome Event #1.

Earthday Celebration at Kennedy Space Center Has Been Postponed    Until Further Notice

Why GPR’s Constant Velocity Motors?

Here are some excellent reasons why one of our many products at Global Power Reduction Inc., Constant Velocity Motors, will be the “Engines of the Future”:

  1. There is no need for fossil fuels.
  2. Constant Velocity Motors bring the most innovative design changes to electric motors in the past century. Being the first truly “Smart” electric motor, it has the ability to change its performance based on input to its computer from various situations in real time.

  3. It has an excellent weight-to-power ratio compared to any other currently known motor or engine.
  4. Our motor utilizes “clean” fuel and emits pure water and oxygen.
  5. It is more reliable and durable because of reduced stress and friction.
  6. It utilizes its own thermal output to provide additional power.
  7. Motor components can be designed and configured in diverse applications for many custom uses.
  8. Stabilizing forces of flywheels can be used to help balance a vehicle and create inertial guidance.
  9. Stealth capabilities: camouflaged heat sources and low-noise features are good for military use.
  10. Submarines and other underwater craft can submerge without concerns for air intake or toxic fumes. At Global Power Reduction, Inc., our motors could someday replace nuclear engines.
  11. Design of motor redundancies allows fail-safe systems to be set up, especially for military and law enforcement uses that can save the vehicle from deliberate attacks that could compromise the motor’s internal functions.
  12. Constant Velocity Motors can increase their performance by downloading an updated program into the computer that calculates the output for the displacement drive.
  13. System can be designed to be more rugged and resilient under extreme weather and temperature conditions—it can’t freeze or overheat!
  14. Propulsion unit can be utilized in a space program as it requires no oxygen.

Pioneering Clean Technology, One Prototype at a Time

If you think that a future where we no longer rely on fossil fuels is still far away, think again. The time when vehicles and energy systems run on completely renewable resources may be closer than you expect. At Global Power Reduction, Inc., we aim to usher in this new age with our state-of-the-art products that offer viable green solutions.

GPR, Inc. is a research and development company that specializes in the design and production of alternative energy systems and experimental aircraft models. From hydrogen-powered fuel cells to silent planes that fly like drones, we aim to change the way that we move around and power our world.

Interview With Ken Hudson, President 

What are the keys to the success of this project?

“The key to all successful entrepreneurial projects involving new technology is three-fold: (a) proof of concept, (b) qualifying the market(s) for the products introduced through the technology, and (c) fulfilling a major need or perceived need of a very large segment of the world population.

The “Constant Velocity Propulsion System”, being a “smart” engine technology, will utilize the best of the latest computer technology to produce proprietary software and hardware that will not only run the systems, but will also make the systems available and adaptable to almost any power modality, from small electric motors, to huge power systems to run large plants or ocean-going ships. Royalties from licensing rights to hundreds of industries will make this technology company grow to very large proportions simply from residual payments alone, plus joint ventures with certain large companies and organizations such as NASA and DOD will allow GPR to constantly develop more technologies related to our energy and environmental needs all over the planet.”

Why is this an environmental project?

"GPR has chosen to use hydrogen, generated on-site, and on-demand, as the primary fuel for the Constant Velocity Propulsion System. GPR hydrogen systems will eliminate high pressure tanks and replace them with easy to change fuel cartridges for mobile on-board fuel use. No need for fueling stations and no pollution!

Does this technology offer the potential for a large ROI for the investors?

“Absolutely!! Even though we started as a research and development company, our Business Plan shows the potential for reaching a return of several hundred million dollars in just a few years, with first phase seed capital of only $7 Million. Early investors can reap very large rewards as our technologies are used by more and more industries, and the return will be amplified as more concepts are proven and brought to market that we now have in the “conceptual” stages.”

How long have you been involved in these types of ventures?

“I have been a businessman in Central Florida since 1964, and had my own Specialty Vehicle Manufacturing company starting in 1984. It was at that time I became interested in research & development projects. I have done eight start-up companies since 1981.

Steve Blattman and I have been working together as a team on new engine designs and alternative fuel systems for 15 years.”

What is the future of GPR?

“As we put the right team of people together, and achieve the goals we have set in our plan, GPR will always be primarily an alternative energy company, with a strong research and development arm, so we can realize our dreams of constantly bringing new technologies to the marketplace that will replace so many old ways of doing things. We see the future of GPR as being a constantly growing leading edge company that sets new energy ideas in front of the right companies that can change the world with their manufacturing and marketing genius to bring the clean, renewable energy sources to the masses and make the earth a cleaner place for future generations.”

How does GPR impact the transportation industry?

“If we could all learn to sit still for a while, it probably wouldn’t matter much what we used for fuels, but realistically, we can count on the leaders of this world to want to continue to move both people and goods farther and faster, no matter what the cost. If you had your choice to spend $100 per week for fuel that you knew would eventually run out on the planet, and that would make the planet a more polluted place for your family and future generations, or – you could use that same $100 per week to use a renewable source of clean fuel that you could purchase from a local retailer, and stop the pollution, what would your choice be?

What if it takes 10 or 15 years to make the transition? So what? Once it has been done, you have solved one of the great problems of modern mankind. The impact of clean fuel produced on-board your vehicle, or ship, or airplane, or whatever, and used more efficiently than ever before by a “smart engine”, with the emissions being pure water instead of carbons polluting the atmosphere, will be the most profound improvement to the transportation and energy industries since the discovery of the wheel. The impact on the transportation industry is just the tip of the iceberg. These same “smart engines” and hydrogen-using computerized propulsion systems can be used for almost any kind of power generation systems.

With the GPR system, safely handled “feed stocks” for evolving hydrogen can be shipped or “obtained” in a form that is much easier and less expensive to ship, and will then be mixed on-board the vehicle or piece of equipment for on-site, on-demand clean fuel. GPR alternative power systems will truly change the world for everyone!”

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