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Creating Better and Safer Energy Systems and Transportation

Company Background

Global Power Reduction, Inc. was originally formed in 2002 as a Florida (S) Corporation and is jointly owned by three founding partners, Kenneth Hudson, Steven Blattman, and Linda Harper (who are the majority owners), and five other minority shareholders. For a comprehensive overview of our products, market study, and more, you may read the information below.

Summary of Business Strategy

As a business, Global Power Reduction, Inc. mainly aims to:

  1. Design and build a size-scalable, mobile, and operational propulsion system prototype that uses hydrogen gas to fuel the cells producing electricity, which starts and runs the propulsion system for use in the transportation and stationary power industries; and
  2. Couple this system with appropriately sized fuel cells for use in the transportation and stationary power generation industries.

We believe these products will greatly influence the transportation industries and provide power sources to those in critical hard-to-service locations.

Products and Services

Global Power Reduction, Inc. is the exclusive licensee for the intellectual property (IP) for the development of the Constant Velocity Propulsion System using alternative fuels produced on-site. We will utilize this IP by designing, building, selling, and licensing the fuel generation and the electrical power generation systems.

These new products will offer a huge advancement in the technology of utilizing hydrogen fuel cells with electromagnetics as a safe and clean consumer-grade product. A new electrical generation system that uses clean fuel will be the next logical step for the “clean” power industry for use as both backup power systems for stand-alone facilities and prime mobile power systems.

Technologies and Special Know-How 

        1. GPR can generate hydrogen gas on-site, on-demand without the use of electrolysis. We use nontoxic reactant materials for feedstock.
        2. The materials used for the feedstock are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable.
        3. GPR's systems and processes will produce energy without the use of any fossil fuels.
        4. The design and production of the GPR Constant Velocity Propulsion System is a new and unique system in the power and energy industries.
        5. Our GPR team designs and prototypes energy and power systems for both mobile uses (transportation) and for stable facilities and power generation units.
        6. We also design and produce power and propulsion systems for experimental aircraft.
        7. GPR will produce "stand-alone" power systems for remote locations such as telecommunication towers and small power plants for remote electricity uses.
        8. All of GPR's systems are produced as environmental solutions for the need for clean energy.
        9. It is GPR's intent to help the world make the transition from the fossil fuel era by only producing energy and power systems that will greatly reduce, and eventually eliminate, all toxic emissions from future energy uses.
        10. GPR and its affiliates and contractors have the ability to design, engineer, and produce operational prototypes from anyone's Idea, concept, drawing, computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), graphic illustration, or other art work for many types and uses pertaining to clean energy production and power systems, from start to finish!


The initial market thrust for our new power systems will be as a primary source power system for telecom carriers and other major power users that cannot tolerate an electric system disruption. This represents approximately $425 million in potential revenue for the company during the next 5 years

Due to the scalability of the products, other future markets will include the transportation industry, large commercial buildings, and unmanned remote-sensing stations that currently rely on solar energy and batteries. The same applies to race cars, boats, 18-wheeler trucks, and gas-guzzling RVs. These markets could total an additional $400 million in revenue over the next 5 years.

In the future, our On-Site and On-Demand Hydrogen Generation System, coupled with the smart engine technology of the Constant Velocity Propulsion System, can make the need for the fossil fuel gas station to go away. These will be replaced with retailers that will sell hydrogen cartridges for the fuel cells that power propulsion systems of all sizes everywhere.

This has the potential to become a global market. Moreover, this technology can change the world as it can solve the most basic of problems associated with a new fuel source—ease of use and local worldwide availability!

Distribution Channels

Global Power Reduction, Inc. has established a solid relationship with distributors who will distribute or resell our products that have agreed in principle to distribute our new power systems. They have indicated that they can sell and install over 1,000 units a year. Other industry-unique distributors and resellers will be sought out and placed under contract.

There have also been ongoing communications with NASA at Kennedy Space Center. Additionally, there are past communications with the U.S. Navy at the Pentagon regarding joint ventures and government contracts. We are also considering franchising and product licensing.


A number of well-known national companies are experimenting with power generation systems using hydrogen primarily extracted from natural gas as a fuel. Most of these companies are fuel cell manufacturers or spin-off companies that are related to fuel cell companies.

However, this “electrolysis” process still generates pollutants and requires reforming or refining the “dirty” methane or natural gas before deriving the hydrogen gas from it. Our hydrogen-powered system utilizes cleaner methods. According to our patent searches, no other company is working on a similar system to our Constant Velocity Propulsion System.


Our company is on the path to becoming an $800 million company within 5 years post-capitalization by leveraging our intellectual property into the revenue-producing products described above. We are currently raising $4 million in the Phase One Round Capitalization for the finalization of the design and testing of our products.

This could be followed by a $20 to $50 million Phase Two round of funding for production-grade development and sales. The capital spent for this will be offset somewhat by sales made during this period.

However, as a research and development company, we will likely look for a buyer or merger so we can continue with other research projects. We anticipate that early investors can expect large multiples on their initial investment (return on investment) through a number of scenarios:

  • Profit Distributions
  • A Potential Buyout by a Large Energy Company, Transportation Company, or Holding Company Conglomerate
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Current Funding Needed

  • For Accredited Investors and Venture Capital Groups - $1 Million to $4 Million
  • For “Angel” Investment Groups - $650,000
  • For Single “Angel” Investors - $5,000 to $25,000 

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  • For Accredited Investors and Venture Capital Groups - $1 Million to $4 Million

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  • For “Angel” Investment Groups - $650,000

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  • For Single “Angel” Investors - $5,000 to $200,000

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Note: This is not an offering or funding solicitation. It is merely a brief overview of what Global Power Reduction, Inc. does and what it needs.

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